I remember two years ago, as this movie just released, there came up the news about the death of Heath Ledger, who played the main character The Joker in the movie.

I can still clearly recall that at that time, there were a lot of people went to see the movie. Almost every one of them told me that the movie was worth seeing; however, I did not want to see it at all. First, I thought that it was because the death of Heath Ledger that made this movie so popular; second, among all the American superheroes, I don’t know why, I just don’t like The Batman the most. I knew little about him, but I just did not like him at all; third, in my mind, I thought that all the movies about superheroes were just repeat a same thought again and again, that is, all the evils can never beat justice. Thus, although this movie had gained a lot of praise, I did not go to see the movie.

Maybe two or three weeks ago, my roommates, Mia, and I went to an activity to celebrate the end of our first-time midterm exam in college. The movie that played during the activity was The Dark Knight. Since I had no interests of this movie, I did not know any plots of it. I even did not know this was the movie that I did not want to see two years ago(because I had totally forget its name) until I saw The Joker played by Heath Ledger showed up in the big screen. At first, as I knew it was the series of Batman, I had little desire to see it; however, as the movie went on, I found my eyes could hardly move from the screen in case I had missed anything. I suddenly realized that why so many people recommend it.

Like general movies, in The Dark Knight, one can see both villains and decent roles. Of course, The Joker was the main villain and Batman was the main decent role; however, there was an important character-- Harvey Dent, who was also called Two-Face-- was both a villain and decent role. And, among the movie, one can see many conflicts that can easily arouse impact in one’s heart.

For example, as The Joker killed one of the main bosses of the city, he said that he will keep a seat for those who had once worked for their ex-boss. There were three people who had once worked together and might even be friends had to kill each other for the only chance to survive. The movie did not show how they tried to kill each other, but all of us can foresee that it would be definitely very brutal and ironical.

Another event that impressed me was that The Joker set bombs in two ships, one was filled with normal people yet another one was filled with criminals. The Joker told the passengers in both ships that in each ship there was a remote control that could detonate another ship so that each side could decide to put another side of people to death. And, if no one wants to detonate the bomb, then, after midnight, both ships would explode. It made the people in the ships become crazy. When people are safe, usually, most people are willing to help other people from dying. However, if one has to sacrifice its life to save others’, how many people can really that brave and that kind to do so?

The same question bothered Batman.

After the death of the fiancé, Harvey, who once called The White Knight, symbolizing the hope of the city’s future, had finally become another villain and at last killed people to revenge. After his death, the Batman decided to maintain his goodness to the citizen and pretended that Batman himself was the one who committed crimes. It was not an easy thing to do because when he was a superhero, although no one knew who the Batman really were, at least they respected him, now that he decide to take all the Harvey’s crimes, no one will respect him anymore. He becomes a normal criminal who killed their only hope, Dent. This was very touching because in order to keep the citizens optimistic of their future, Batman does not want them to know that even as justice as Harvey did, he would end up becoming another killer. It is easier for people to blame an unidentified superman than to know the heart-breaking truth.

The conflicts between people, the crazy-looking yet actually intelligent Joker, and the selflessness of Batman, all of them made The Dark Knight an unbelievably great movie. I had once mistaken Batman as a normal hero with some supernatural power, and now I know what a ridiculous misunderstanding I had made. After this movie, I cannot wait to see the next Batman movie!

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